Choctaw Hotel and Casino

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choctaw hotel and casino

Choctaw Hotel and Casino

A few months ago I went to see the beautiful and colorful land of Choctaw Nation by way of the Choctaw Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. Choctaw is an Indian tribe located on the Choctaw Nation Reservation located near Mobile, Alabama. Choctaw tribe members are mostly white settlers who settled in the Mississippi Delta after the Civil War.

Most of the people that visited the casino had traveled to the area in a bus or limousine and they even brought their pet poodles with them. When I arrived at the location, I was greeted by a local and beautiful alligator called Eddie, a guest of honor at the casino. I didn’t expect to meet such a legendary beast, but it did happen. Choctaw people are the descendants of Caddo Indians, who has lived in the area for generations.

The Choctaw Hotel and Casino have an alligator named Eddie that provides entertainment for those that wish to see him but are afraid of him. The building is actually named Choctaw Resort and Casino. It is where the Choctaw tribe is represented and provides visitors with an exceptional casino experience.

I have seen many alligators and had never seen an alligator’s body so large. The alligator in Choctaw was a good two meters long. The casino consists of an alligator pit that you can go into and wrestle and eat an alligator if you wish.

Most of the food that you eat in the alligator pit is a lot of greens. This is the reason why I liked the food so much, because most of the greens were grass-fed beef, ribs, and chicken. Choctaw casinos are normally non-smoking because the alligators are mainly from the Mississippi River.

Some of the other eatery offering a wide variety of dining choices are the Munsters, Jack Rabbit Slim’s, and Nana. There are several indoor and outdoor cafes, which makes you feel like you are in New Orleans. I have to say, Choctaw casinos are the most authentic casinos that I have ever been to. You can also bet that you will have some fun while you are there.

Choctaw casinos were designed with the Indians in mind. All of the food that you eat will be in accordance with the Choctaw way of life.

One of the nicest things about the Choctaw is that you can get tours to the surrounding areas of the reservation. You can also purchase your own alligator pit and a boat ride out to the river. So, if you are into the authentic Indian way of life and don’t mind eating some real live alligators, you should visit Choctaw reservations in the Choctaw area.

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